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A New Year

I compiled my to-do list/wish list of personal work, as well as goals I’d like to achieve for my job this.  It’s a daunting list.  I’d like to blog about it, but does anyone really care?  Leave a comment with topics you’d like covered.  I need to find my audience.

And since I’m no longer living in the South, I probably should change my blog title.  hmmmm….decisions.  Help!

Maryanns Blog

New State.  New schedule.  LOTS of transition.  We’ve been at it for a month now, and things are slowly falling in to place. We still have a bit of unpacking and arranging to do, and cleaning as the house we moved in to was less than taken care of.  Such is life, right?

I’ve found a new ortho doc and hopefully will have a plan this week.  I want a comprehensive plan to get my leg better.  One – have to feel better.  Two – gotta take care of the family.  My husband’s shoulders have been so put-upon, and I really want to lighten the load for him.

Aside from all the challenges, I LOVE being home, closer to our families and great friends!