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Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots…..

irish car bomb shotsI’m going to make these tonight.  yeehaw. I’ll let ya know how they are.  I’m going to pack them in the small cups with lids you put ketchup in to share at a party.
2 cups Guiness beer, divided use
2.5 to 3 packages unflavored gelatin (depending on how firm you want your shot to be)
2 teaspoons brown sugar or muscovado
1/2 to 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1/2 cup Jameson
1/2 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream
Put 1 cup of Guiness, sugar and cocoa powder in a small saucepan and sprinkle with 2 packets of gelatin and allow to soak in for a minute. Heat and stir until everything is dissolved.

Remove from heat and add the remaining cup of cold Guiness. Pour into a pan or molds and allow to set for about 30 minutes.

Place Jameson in a saucepan and sprinkle with one packet of gelatin. Allow to soak in for a minute. Heat and stir until gelatin is dissolved.

Stir in Bailey’s and allow mixture to cool. Pour on the slightly set Guiness mixture. Allow to set several hours or overnight.

03/06/13 Update on Sharon

Hi, Saw Sharon this afternoon. She is home from the hospital and is walking much better. Yes, we have the ole Sharon back. The med that was toxin was back in the normal range on Monday evening. This morning a physical therapist came by and took an evaluation of Sharon by getting her health history, her meds and she had Sharon do some tests, such as standing on one leg and closing her eyes… The PT will be back on Friday morning and will begin her therapy.
Today Sharon was trying out the software that will send emails via voice commands. She is bound and determined to get it working. She was able to get out of the house and run errands with Pete on this very chilly day with brisk winds, but I’m sure it is nothing compared to the weather up north!
Hope yall have a great rest of the week!  Vickie

03/04/13 Mon Morning Update

Last night talked to Pete and he said Sharon had a so so day. He thought she seemed more tired, but she said no she felt fine. They walked several times. She finally got a walker around two in the afternoon yesterday. The range on the med they are watching closely was 24 late yesterday, so another night on the 4th floor. But getting there! They will do blood work again today. No word on the insurance and what type of rehab will be approved. Sharon is struggling with the Oncologist on why she has to see him on Thurs. He told her Sat that she needed to keep the regular schedule appointment and she is like why, that will cost 118.00 out of pocket and they have run more scans at the hospital than they would have on Thurs??? 
Will let you know if anything new comes up. Have a blessed day.

Sat update on Sharon

I saw Sharon tonight and she looked good again. She said the Drs told her she was still going through detox, but that her numbers were getting back to the normal range. But said it may take as long as Mon to get the numbers they were looking for. Still no word on the Rehab. She said received several calls today from family today. She said to thank you so much for your prayers and calls today. It means so much Sorry my Fri night update was late posting… I used my wrong email address to send the update, but luckily you found the hospital number. Have a great Sunday.

Fri Evening Update 03/01/13

>> Pete said Sharon was going through detox. I wished I could remember the name of the med that is causing Sharon the biggest issues, but it is the med that keeps her from having seizures. They determined this was causing conflict with the steroids. After running tests, she had way too high levels of this med in her system. The range for the med should be between 10-19 and it registered at 29, so they have reduced the med and said they would not release her until she is back in normal range. Could take a couple of days. Pete said she is beside herself again and she wants to come home. The Drs had told Pete they couldn’t force her to stay but strongly advised her not to go home. If Pete’s sister in law had not been with Pete, Pete said he knows he could not have convinced her this was in her best interest. >> >> Here is Sharon’s new phone # 704-355-6435 and she is in room 4924. Pete said the new room was very nice. Large with a lot of nice furnishings. No word on the rehab yet… After a glowing report earlier, I hate sharing the news above. Hopefully a lot of the emotions this evening was from being tired. They did a good hour of physical therapy and she walked the most she had in a while. I’m sure she was exhausted. >> >> >>