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New Babies

Baby is here!

Congratulations to my friends, Tom and Kelly,  that had their baby yesterday.  He’s FINALLY here, and I’m so thrilled for them!!

Mom’s Christmas Cookies

My mother passed away in 2002, and I miss her every day. She left a legacy of love, support and undying service to others. Her Christmas cookies were the best, too. Here’s her recipe. Chill the dough before rolling out for best results. Frosted or not, they are delicious.

Starting at the top, mix 2 ingredients at a time into the dough using a stand mixer with a paddle. I think that works the best.

Jeanne's Christmas Cookies Recipe

Jeanne’s Christmas Cookies Recipe

Northern Girl in a Southern Land

Up and at ’em today – have lots more coding to do.

I am missing my friends and family today, but will hopefully see them soon.  Kids are growing so fast, I don’t want them to miss it!

Working on some very cool stuff with WordPress MU.  Can’t wait to get it under my belt!